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Dialysis “Friendly” food products
Dialysis “Friendly” food products

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Together with toxines, many nutrients are egested from blood during dialysis. Protein intake should be high, so the consumption of meat  (sheep, beef, pig, turkey, chicken, fish), unsalted cheese, eggs is encouraged

Vegetable protein is PROHIBITED!

Nuts, hazelnuts, beans, peas, lentils, although they have proteins, also have high potassium and phosphorus status, which is inadmissible for people with kidney disease. Therefore, these foods should be avoided by hemodialysis patients.

HYDROCARBONATES (carbohydrates)

Pasta, pastry, sweets are products with a high carbohydrate status. Dialyzed patients can consume them in normal amounts.


FATS (lipids)

Fats are those elements that give you energy. If the energy intake is insufficient, the body, in order to ensure its energy needs, will consume from your fat reserves, but also from the muscle mass. Such patients are weak and have a general malaise.


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