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Free to travel!


At present, foreign persons included in dialysis, have the possibility to travel freely in vacation or for business in Moldova. With the opening of BB-Dializa Centers, the patients take advantage of similar services to those of the performance centers of B.Braun Company, which is a company with an international network of dialysis units, from which we took over the experience and implemented it in our country. Moreover, our patients have the freedom to travel, too. With the alignment of dialysis service to European standards, we became healthcare providers’ equivalent to those of B.Braun centers that has over 300 units worldwide, including countries representing the most important tourist attractions: Turkey, Spain, France, Hungary, etc.

In order to provide access to a broader spectrum of healthcare, BB-Dializa centers are located in hospitals’ premises. If a foreign citizen included in dialysis is planning to visit Moldova for tourism or personal reasons, he can easily do it, because his/her disease is no longer a hindrance for Moldova, too.  In order to take advantage of high quality service of BB-Dializa centers, the patient, resident of another country should have an appointment in advance and our specialists will assist him with everything necessary to ensure maximum comfort in the dialysis unit.

Appointments can be made by phone + (373) 22 02 62 61 or you can write to the email address

1465913249_Word_15  Minimum set of documents for Moldovan citizens

1465913249_Word_15Minimum set of documents for foreigners

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1465913249_Word_15 Request template for foreigners