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Chisinau hosts seventh Congress of Urology, Dialysis and Kidney Transplant

Urologists, nephrologists and andologists from Moldova and other states, such as Romania, Italy, Russia, Ukraine and Germany, are taking part in the seventh Congress of Urology, Dialysis and Kidney Transplant…
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"Proper nutrition = more time with loved ones"   Dietary intervention is one of the basic components of successful hemodialysis. From the moment the patient knows that he or she…
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Gheorghe dializa

Action to Consolidate Mothers and Future Mothers with Big Heart!

Certainly, the icon made by George will bring you luck! We will demonstrate that we, mothers and future mothers, are a power and we can get together for noble purposes.…
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Interview with Mr. Petru Cepoida, “BB-Dializă” Medical Director: “Results Clearly Show that Establishment of Public-Private Partnership for Dialysis Services Was a Correct Choice”

On June 9, 2017 the scientific conference on the topic  "Development of dialysis service in the Republic of Moldova" was organized, in which over 100 specialists in nephrology, urology and…
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The problem of places’ shortage remained in the past

The problem of places' shortage remained in the past after launching the Chisinau Dialysis Center, opened within the private- public partnership project for dialysis services in the Republic of Moldova.…
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Proiect balti

Excellence Dialysis Services in – Shortly in Bălți

A new high-performance Dialysis Center is to be opened soon in Balti. "BB-Dializă" company planned to initiate the installation of medical equipment devices in the second half of 2017. It…
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foto colectiv premiere

Mass-media about „Partnership for Life”

During one year after its opening the activity of BB- Dialysis Centre was reflected in more than 100 articles of journalists.   Development of public private partnership project for dialysis…
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October 10, Mental Health World Day: Live, Love and Don’t Let the Disease Affect Your Mind!

Mental health is a component of health through which every person realizes his/her intellectual, rational and affectionate potential. The patient in dialysis should face both the physical symptoms of the…
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