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Partnership Focused on Patients’ Needs

Nowadays, the successful implementation of some interaction patterns private – public in providing medical services is an indisputable challenge. The process of providing such types of services belongs not only to a single institution but to a network of interlinked institutions, which final purpose is to provide high level medical services.  Focused on the most successful achievements in cooperation of similar European institutions, such type of partnerships signify rethinking of the process itself – ensuring functioning of modern health systems.

“Public-Private Partnership for Dialysis Services” was set up in order to reanimate the situation in the dialysis area of the country.  The public partner being represented by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Moldova, in district centers – by local public authorities and the private partner is represented by the company BB-Dializa Ltd.  have proposed the introduction of an effective cooperation, in reasonable terms, guaranteeing care of kidney diseases patients by providing high quality dialysis services to them.

Being concerned by optimization of services and their alignment to European standards, we addressed to the renowned global experience in the field company that provides qualified consulting services, being at the same time, the promoter of professional, methodological and high ethics standards.

The fact that the project BB-Dializa is an exceptional one is demonstrated by its exceptional technical-innovative equipment, based on increased safety and patient care, all centers are equipped with the B. Braun devices, recognized worldwide as some of the best products designed to meet the highest standards of quality, safety, durability and efficiency.

Therefore, the company BB-Dializa Ltd, on the one side and the Ministry of Health, local public authorities, management of medical institutions of the Republic of Moldova, on the other side have formed a partnership with a profound social impact, with proactive approach centered exclusively on patients’ needs.