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Partnership for Life


In developing the slogan of the company BB-Dializa Ltd. we relied on the principles and real values underpinning our genuine indisputable business, as well as on the commitment to serve our patients.

Although the company’s slogan is an authentic challenge, we take this responsibility in order to ensure growth of our patients’ quality of life.

This was the precondition for creating partnerships with similar institutions of the state. We have assumed the responsibility in introducing a new culture of cooperation in order to modernize the medical services for the dialysis system.

We created a partnership with reputable international companies for the provision of dialysis services, so we treat patients in conformity with B. Braun standards.

As part of this partnership we implicated the best specialists in nephrology that are working for us at present, and whom our patients trust most of all.

We are oriented towards the needs of patients, for whom we are motivated to improve ourselves, to choose the best practices for the provision of quality medical services, to use the best methods of treatment and care.
Our mission has been, is and will be focusing our efforts on improving the quality of life of our patients.