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The perfect balance of each detail

The manufacturer B. Braun states about Dialog + dialysis machines to be ideal for patients with terminal chronic renal insufficiency. Innovative products and services, focused on the highest standards of quality, safety and efficiency makes B. Braun a valuable and extremely important partner in the global medical sphere.  B. Braun brand machines have found their place in BB-Dializa centers of Moldova. Ergonomic design, convenient in everyday use, with the possibility of adding options etc. – B. Braun equipment is a perfect solution for a secure therapy. Dialog + dialysis machines are an integrated system of treatment parameters and medical staff can monitor, even from the distance, the process of dialysis and that it goes on without deviations. The medical records of patients are included in a personalized identification card, so once included in the device, they are automatically displayed on the screen.  Healthcare professionals using this software no longer need to enter the data manually and have more time to afford for individual patient treatment. Dialog + system is the core process of dialysis, an equipment designed to meet the global requirements of patients, doctors and nursing staff. A fascinating medical technology of an excellent quality combined with intelligent components, with one common denominator unit: optimum quality for patients’ treatment.

In order to automate the complex tasks, daily faced by medical staff, reduce the activities, administration dialysis process and intelligent data management, the company chose an innovative and efficient data management system – Nexadia®. This system is widely used worldwide and allows patients to receive dialysis services in any dialysis centers that use the respective system. Together with Dialog + machines, Nexadia system ensure ideal conditions for dialysis services on a high level, with optimized processes and assigns our centers the qualification – “Excellence”.

To complete the picture of a company focused on patients’ needs, BB-Dializa dialysis centers have specific medical furniture, comfortable for people included in dialysis and is easy to use in daily activities by medical staff. The whole technical equipment and the software forms the concept based on the key principle: increase of QUALITY.  Being served by the last generation equipment, our patients deem to be confident in their future.