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Our Patients look into the future with confidence


Diagnosed with terminal chronic renal insufficiency, the patients are forced to radically change their life because they become dependent on hemodialysis (the process of blood filtering).   Therefore, everything they do should be related with the time to be spent in the dialysis center, where they are connected to special devices of blood filtering, the so called “artificial kidneys”.    BB-Dializaoffers the patients the most qualitative medical services, so that their life returns to normal, and the diagnosis terminal CRI is not any more perceived as a verdict.

Many patients with terminal CRI ask the question: “Does the dialysis procedure treat my disease?” No, dialysis is a procedure of renal function substitution, but doesn’t treat the kidney disease. The single treatment in case of CRI is transplantation but few persons are subject to surgery due to lack of donors or other medical contraindications for surgery.  Most frequent causes of chronic renal insufficiency (≈ 95%) include diabetes, arterial hypertension, renal vessels atherosclerosis, diffused chronic glomerulonephritis and hereditary diseases (renal polycystic, Alport syndrome).


Patients with terminal chronic renal failure have a tenfold risk of developing more complications, often fatal: cardiovascular (secondary arterial hypertension, stroke, myocardial infarction), neoplastic (renal cancer, or colon cancer) and infectious (pneumonia, repeated urinary infections, sepsis etc.)
Dialysis is the only solution to survive for people with terminal IRC and our mission is to raise the quality of life of our patients by providing high quality medical services, to offer them necessary psychological support, professional nutritionists’ advice and to create for them the outstanding comfort. With our support the patients succeed to form a new rhythm of life and look into the future with confidence.