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Services Exceeding Expectations


BB-Dializă Ltd expands in Moldova its European high quality medical practices and focus its activities on providing services that will improve the quality of life of patients included in dialysis.

We share the basic principle of B. Braun company, one of the largest providers of healthcare services and medical products worldwide: “Our mission is to improve the lives of our patients,” B.Braun is guided by this principle during its long activity for more than 175 years.

To provide services at the highest level, the BB-Dializa company has implemented centers that it manages to ensure perfect mechanism providing maximum comfort to its patients. Thus, the components of an excellent medical service were harmoniously combined: professional staff trained in B.Braun centers, medical equipment of the latest generation Dialog + and the integrated system of dialysis machines interconnection with a central control station, called Nexadia®, enabling monitoring of the system efficacy in real time, therefore the quality of treatment becomes measurable.

BB-Dializa focuses on meeting the most stringent requirements set along by medical protocols of Moldova, as well as by the high quality of the European standards.

We appealed to the practices of the largest providers of dialysis medical services, with international reputation, which we implement nowadays in our centers.  Likewise, in the European centers of excellence, the range of services provided by BB-dialysis units is impressive: from basic health services of hemodialysis and hemofiltration – to additional services for assuring patients’ comfort: transportation of persons included in dialysis, qualified psychological support,  consultancy of nutritionist and food adjusted to restricted meals of people with kidney disease – all are targeted to improve the quality of life of patients and to implement a well set management system.