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In addition to the “Law on patient rights and responsibilities”, the dialysed patients have the following duties and responsibilities:


  • to make suggestions or contribute to the good organization and operation of the dialysis unit;
  • to request medical assistance from any doctor or medical nurse of the dialysis unit while being in the outpatient dialysis unit;
  • to request the dialysis unit administration and doctors to issue medical documents containing information about patients’ health status;
  • to request consultation with a medical specialist regarding employment;
  • to suggest other options that may be included in the list of rights of patients subject to dialysis;
  • to set up associations of patients subject to dialysis by dialysis units and throughout the country;



  • respect the rights of other patients to diagnosis and treatment, as well as their fundamental rights guaranteed by the legislation of the Republic of Moldova;
  • esteem the medical staff; any discontent on provided healthcare will be communicated to the head nurse, psychologist, doctor, dialysis unit management;
  • strict observance of days and hours of haemodialysis, according to the schedule. Any exchange of program will be requested in writing from the coordinating physician, who will address the request based on the reason and the program of the treatment centre, etc.
  • Careful supervision of vascular access, peritoneal catheter well-functioning, its protection in accordance with received indications;
  • urgent presentation to the dialysis unit or hospital, according to residence registration, whenever revealing problems in the functioning of venous catheter, arteriovenous fistula, or modification in general health status;
  • strict observance of all hygienic-dietary recommendations related with diagnosis and treatment, as well as during the work program, indicated by the doctor;
  • strict observance of anti-epidemic measures imposed by the dialysis unit’s internal regime (e. wearing exchange clothes in the section, keeping clean the occupied rooms), including the additional measures for medical personnel (i.e. wearing masks in case of flu quarantine). Patients are notified in advance about the introduction / cease of anti-epidemic measures and they sign the information note, upon necessity;
  • keeping strict health regime: it is prohibited to smoke, consume alcohol and drugs while being in the dialysis unit;
  • entering the dialysis unit is made alone or accompanied only by the nurse of the centre. Penetration of carers into renal replacement therapy unit is strictly prohibited;
  • presentation of necessary documents (ex. ID card, insurance policy etc.) at the request of medical personnel;
  • in case of damage by the patient of the dialysis unit property, the patient is responsible for recovering the caused damage;
  • effective participation in dialysis operation, if the clinical condition allows it, signalling any irregularity;

participation in all meetings with patients subject to dialysis, organized by the dialysis unit. The patient is obliged to inform the healthcare staff of additional risks for his/her health (ex. diseases associated with allergic reactions, supported surgeries, etc.) and other persons with (HIV / AIDS, viral hepatitis, tuberculosis, syphilis, etc.).
• patients are required to leave the dialysis unit after the dialysis session.