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Key indicators for quality measurement


The fundamental principle of BB-Dializa Company is to ensure patients with quality care and comfort throughout the dialysis session.
But the quality is not a single indicator, it exists only in relation with the patients’ needs. Determined by the complex assessment of patients’ condition, and also by their implicit needs, we focused on the quality of detoxification, increasing the period for performing the session, effectiveness of treatment with iron medications, phosphorus fixers, activated D3 vitamin, the degree of adjustment and other terminal Chronic Renal Failure complications.

During dialysis session, patients can use the Internet, watch TV, dispose of air conditioning, we consider that through these facilities somehow ease the complex process of treatment.

In order to ensure maximum comfort, not only during the dialysis session, but also in pre- and post-dialysis stages, we provide to the patient transportation services, a menu, adjusted by professional nutritionist to the restricted regime of people with kidney disease, and psychological counseling.
Quality and comfort are important components of competition driving our company to continuous improvement and performance.