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centrul de dializa

Where can I do the hemodialysis?

Treatment by hemodialysis and hemofiltration is performed by qualified medical personnel at the specialized dialysis center selected according to several criteria: the distance from the patient's home; condition of the patient, associated diseases; equippment of regional medical institutions etc. Usually…
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What is the principle of hemodialysis treatment?

It is rather complicated for patients to accept that they have to go to the dialysis center several times a week , to revise their lifestyle and report it during hemodialysis hours. Millions of people around the world manage to…
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Preluăm cele mai bune practici medicale

Ens Stage Kidney Disease treatment

As we mentioned, the diagnosis of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in the end stage involves the inability of the kidney to perform its functions, which results in a number of complications and impairs many vital processes in the body. Therefore,…
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What are the causes of End Stage Kidney Disease?

The main causes are: diabetes hypertension chronic glomerulonephritis chronic pyelonephritis congenital and hereditary nephropathy. Other risk factors include: Chronic administration of nephrotoxic drugs age, especially over 60-70 years diet rich in protein (meat, fish, dairy products, eggs) dyslipidemia (increased blood…
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Why do we need kidneys?

The kidneys are organs which fulfill many vital functions. They eliminate toxins from the blood, produce urine to remove the waste fluid from the body, regulate blood pressure, red blood cell formation, maintain  bone structure, etc. Once the kidneys are…
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Medical Tourism Development . BB-Dialysis opened the borders of the country for foreign dialysis patients

During one year, the Chisinau Dialysis Centre served over 20 patients coming from abroad. If in the past, dialysis-dependent foreigners excluded Moldova as a tourist destination because they couldn't find here dialysis services corresponding to dialysis centres of their home…
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Patients About the Dialysis Center in Chisinau:

"The dialysis center in Italy was good, but this is even better!" Given to the inauguration of the Dialysis Center in Chisinau, opened within public private partnership project for dialysis services, access to treatment, equal to that of the European…
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dializa de vacanta

What steps should you follow if you are included in dialysis, in another country and plan to visit Moldova?

Since the inauguration of Dialysis Centre in Chisinau, opened within public private partnership project for dialysis services, access to treatment corresponding to European dialysis centres' standards, have all persons intending to come to Moldova,  whether for rest, tourism, business or…
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