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Where can I do the hemodialysis?
Where can I do the hemodialysis?

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Treatment by hemodialysis and hemofiltration is performed by qualified medical personnel at the specialized dialysis center selected according to several criteria:

  • the distance from the patient’s home;
  • condition of the patient, associated diseases;
  • equippment of regional medical institutions etc.

Usually dialysis begins at one of the hospital’s dialysis centers, where the diagnosis is specified, vascular access is provided , dialysis regimen is selected  and drug treatment strategy is recommended .

After stabilizing the patient’s condition, he is transferred to an outpatient dialysis center, which means that the patient benefits from medical assistance but does not need to be hospitalized.

The doctor will choose dialysis center that is closer to your home, exceptional are the cases when the patient’s condition requires special medical services, not accessible at regional level.

Today patients with end stage renal disease have the possibility of dialysis at international standards.

For the connection of the dialysis service in the Republic of Moldova to the level of high-performance medical institutions, the public authorities have established a partnership with a German consortium represented in the Republic of Moldova by BB-Dializa. It is a patient-oriented partnership. At present, 3 out of 5 patients in the Republic of Moldova benefit from dialysis offered by the company BB-Dializa.

The medical services include psychological counseling services,  specific dietary  regimen for the dialysis patient, transportation, etc.

The patients of the Dialysis Center BB-Dializa are looking forward to the future with confidence!

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