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High-quality dialysis services available in Balti as well
High-quality dialysis services available in Balti as well

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A Dialysis Center that provides high-quality services in accordance with the international standards was inaugurated in Balti municipality on April 12. This has 32 last-generation dialysis machines and can serve over 200 patients with chronic renal failure. This is twice more than the actual number of persons with kidney failure in northern Moldova, IPN reports.

The investment made by the private partner represented by the company BB-Dializa in the project in Balti totals over 1.3 million. In the inauguration ceremony, the company’s director general Dmitri Onufreiciuc said the opening of the center is a step towards providing modern dialysis services nationwide so as to improve the quality of life of patients included in dialysis. The equipment is a last-generation one, while the consumables are supplied by internationally recognized producers. The measures are aimed at offering the patients conditions that exceed the expectations.

Boris Galca, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection, said renal failure is one of the most serious diseases that affect the quality of life. In some situations, the patients have to daily cover long distances to Chisinau to benefit from dialysis services. This affects the quality of treatment and the psychological state of the patient. “I’m glad to see European quality here, in the Republic of Moldova. The public-private partnership project for dialysis services can be considered a model project and a successful partnership that saves hundreds of lives,” stated Boris Galca.

The center opened in Balti has three dialysis halls, two independent sources of water, an electric power generator, an autonomous heating system and a special ventilation system that prevents the spread of germs. The treatment hall is equipped with the medicines and apparatus needed to provide emergency medical assistance. The medical personnel consist of five doctors and 12 nurses.

The provided dialysis services are supplemented with psychological counseling services and dietetic services with a meal adjusted to the specific regime of the dialyzed patient. According to official reports, in Moldova there are over 600 patients included in dialysis, over 400 of whom are patients of the BB-Dializa Centers in Chisinau and Balti. The services are fully covered by the health policy.

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