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Contract on Public-Private Partnership for Dialysis Services in Moldova Signed
Contract on Public-Private Partnership for Dialysis Services in Moldova Signed

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On April 17, 2014, the public private partnership for dialysis services in Moldova was signed. Participating in a public auction, the consortium B.BRAUN & BB-HÄMODIALYSE has won the tender.

The event was attended by the Minister of Health, Andrei Usatii, director of National Health Insurance Company, Mircea Buga, BB HÄMODIALYSE Moldova representative, general manager of B.Braun Avitum Romania, Gheorghe Bulat, development manager B.BRAUN Avitum Romania, Camelia Mindroiu and directors of national and local public medical sanitary institutions of Moldova.

The consortium winner must upgrade its infrastructure of dialysis service throughout the country, including to rehabilitate the existing dialysis centers and to create new dialysis centers in some other district hospitals.

The Minister of Health, Andrei Usatîi congratulated the German consortium on winning the tender and expressed confidence in a successful implementation of the project. The Minister said that the implementation of public – private partnership projects in health sector are among the few available opportunities to modernize the health system, particularly the inpatient care system. “

We need to provide for our country patients access to quality dialysis services, in their complexity. Dialysis-dependent patients should be treated under conditions suitable for present time.  Thanks to this partnership, we will be able to expand the dialysis services ensuring dialysis to a greater number of patients, by 3-4 times more.  Annually, the necessities constitute up to about 212 patients per million of population, from the age of 18. Considering the children and patients in advanced age, the incidence may reach 230-240 patients per million of population. Therefore, the new dialysis service is proposed to cover 1200-1300 of dialysis patients”, added Andrei Usatîi.
The representatives of the winning consortium will equip the dialysis centers with the latest equipment and the medical staff will benefit from training provided by the B.Braun Company, so that quality standards and treatment are similar to any private center for dialysis of the European Union countries.

 “We came to support with our experience and knowledge in the field, with the firm objective of assisting the company which will implement the project and to help  improving the quality of dialysis. It is a natural and normal position for B.Braun Avitum on all markets where it acts, and now the time has come, to demonstrate to the colleagues and patients of the Republic of Moldova, which is the B.Braun standard.  We have over 175 years of experience and innovation, efficiency and sustainability are the pillars on which we have managed to become one of the global leaders in the treatment of renal chronic disease, providing innovative systems and solutions for patients with chronic kidney disease. The slogan “Sharing Expertise” is a promise that the company B.Braun makes to its patients and partners to make available all the experience accumulated in time”, said Gheorghe Bulat, Director General of B.Braun Avitum Romania. 

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