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Patients About the Dialysis Center in Chisinau:
Patients About the Dialysis Center in Chisinau:

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“The dialysis center in Italy was good, but this is even better!”

Given to the inauguration of the Dialysis Center in Chisinau, opened within public private partnership project for dialysis services, access to treatment, equal to that of the European dialysis centers, have all persons intending to come to Moldova: whether for rest, tourism, business, or “home to visit the parents and relatives.”

Carolina is a 28-year-old woman, native of the Republic of Moldova, who lives in Germany since the  age of five years.  Two years ago she was included in dialysis in a German dialysis center and after launching the Vacation Dialysis service in Chisinau, she was able to return to Moldova to visit her parents and relatives, a fact which wouldn’t have been possible if the center didn’t exist, a vital issue for patients diagnosed with final stage renal chronic insufficiency.

foto pag 4Carolina, a patient from Germany: “An acquaintance told me that in Moldova there is a dialysis center and advised me to contact it. The Dialysis Center in Germany does not differ from the one in Moldova.  Everything is clean, well organized, the conditions are identical”.



Mr. Giuseppe Monteleone benefited from the European quality dialysis.  He is an  Italian, who came to visit Moldova, to see the picturesque places and to get acquainted  with the Moldovan traditions.  According to him, before coming to Moldova he inquired where he could be included in dialysis and was advised to contact the Dialysis Centre in Chisinau


“It is very good here.  The dialysis is qualitatively performed, conditions are much better than in our hospital. The staff is friendly. Unlike our dialysis department, here there are separate changing rooms for women and men,  food is provided, each patient has a TV and headphones etc. I have only good words “, enumerated the benefits of the Dialysis Centre in Chisinau Mr. Giuseppe Monteleone, an Italian patient.

Simion started dialysis at a center in Italy, where his wife works for several years. He has come to BB-Dialysis Center in Chisinau for a few sessions but when he saw the conditions of treatment provided here, he decided not go abroad anymore.

“I address many thanks to those who built this center.  It was good in Italy, but here’s even better!”said Mr. Simion.

To enjoy high-quality services provided by BB dialysis center, the patient who comes from another country should make an appointment in advance and our specialists will assist with everything necessary to ensure maximum comfort in the dialysis unit.

Appointments can be made by phone   (373) 22 02 62 50 or by e-mail

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