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Official launch of the Dialysis center in Cahul
Official launch of the Dialysis center in Cahul

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Patients in the southern region of the country have access to modern dialysis services within a performant Center. A modern Dialysis Center was launched in Cahul. The inauguration ceremony of the “BB-Dializă” Center in Cahul took place on September 18, 2019 with the participation of the officials from the Public Medical Sanitary Institutions, the administration of the Cahul District Hospital, the management of B.Braun Avitum Romania and the administration of the project company “BB-Dializă” LLC. The Dialysis Center in Cahul is the fourth Center opened within the public-private partnership project, thus ensuring the access to the high quality dialysis service at national level.

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Gheorghe Bulat, director B. Braun Avitum Romania:

“I am honored and glad to stand together with our partners from “BB-Dializă” in the mission begun in 2016 to facilitate access to treatment for as many patients with chronic renal failure in the Republic of Moldova. After expanding in Balti in 2018 and opening a new center in Chisinau in July, today we have the opportunity to open a new dialysis center in Cahul. As always, the company B. Braun has made available to our partners devices and technologies of the last generation that improve the quality of life of the patients receiving dialysis services in the BB-Dializă centers. I congratulate the entire BB-Dialysis team and wish them much success in their activity”. 

Dmitri Onufreiciuc, executive director of BB-Dializă” LLC

“With the opening of the Cahul BB-Dialysis Center, we have achieved one of the main missions of the project. Now the national level of the dialysis services is aligned to high quality European standards. Being focused on the patients’ needs, which  are the basis of the company’s strategy, we managed to open another center that exceeds the expectations of patients. They wanted a performant Center closer to home, we offered them more. That became possible also due to our partners, reputable companies that have strengthened their efforts to provide services, devices, medicines, pharmaceuticals, etc. of an undoubted quality”.

The Cahul Dialysis Center provides dialysis patients with individualized treatment, based on regular diagnosis.

Petru Cepoida, medical director of “BB-Dializă LLC: “The high quality of renal function substitution therapy is based on the individualized selection of the dialysis treatment method (hemodialysis or hemodiafiltration) performed with German consumables on state-of-the-art dialysis devices. The correct administration of the erythropoiesis stimulants, intravenous iron preparations, phosphorus fixers, activated forms of vitamin D3, calcimimetics, metabolic drugs (vitamins, L-carnitine), other pathogenetic and symptomatic preparations based on the results of the laboratory tests is also important”.

Adrian Tănase, doctor of medicine, President of the Society of Urologists of the Republic of Moldova, the expert of the Project Company: “ After the launch of the public-private partnership project for dialysis services in Moldova, which was initiated in 2016, the number of treated patients grew by about 30% and increased from 488 in 2015 to 688 in 2018. Only in the “BB-Dializă” Centers in Chisinau, Balti and Cahul, about 600 patients are included in the treatment, which constitutes over 85% of the total number of dialysis patients in the country. With the opening of the Dialysis Center in Cahul, the indexes of specialized dialysis treatment in the Republic of Moldova will constitute 228-230 patients per 1 million inhabitants, compared with 196.6 at the beginning of this year. These numbers characterize a marked increase in the last years of the dialysis service in the Republic of Moldova, which  was 137 patients per 1 million population in 2015. The increase in the number of “places for dialysis” brings us closer to the numbers of Eastern European countries.

The medical services provided in the “BB-Dializă” Center in Cahul are identical to those of the Center of Excellence in Chisinau, and due to the 16 modern dialysis devices, the Center can serve about 100 patients with end stage renal disease.

The medical services offered in the “BB-Dializă” Center in Cahul are complemented by psychological counseling services, dietary services with meals adjusted to the specific regime of the dialyzed patient. Thus, the components of an excellent medical service were combined harmoniously: professional staff, state-of-the-art medical equipment and a friendly atmosphere for patients.

Extremely important is the fact that all patients will benefit from home-dialysis-home transport, absolutely free. Though it is an exclusively private center, the access to services for patients from the Republic of Moldova  is provided free of charge, based on the compulsory health insurance policy.

The company’s “BB-Dializă” LLC mission is providing national services focused on the needs of dialysis patients with end-stage chronic renal failure.

The company slogan is “Partnership for life” .

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